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About Sussex Sharp

High standard gundogs

What we are trying to achieve is Healthy, well built, handsome, athletic, bidable, trainable, enthusiastic hard hunting dogs with health tests and pedigree second to none.






When breeding our dogs we look to keep the co-efficiency scores below 10 this can be carried out by entering a stud dog and bitches names on the Kennel Club website co-efficiency page Here – Inbreeding coefficient calculator | The Kennel Club

Health checked

All Sussex Sharp gun dogs go though vigorous health tests including hips & elbows scoring, DNA testing and yearly eye tests.


Look at our quality dogs to see there results.


When breeding your bitch you should have her hips and elbows scored by the British  Veterinary Association. This can be done though your vet or ideally a specialist X-ray center such as Pets at home Vet group ltd. Vets4pets andcompanion care Eastbourne. 

01323 649315

Hip Dysplasia

Hips are scored from Zero upwards, Zero being the best score achievable. Each hip is scored individually 0/0 being the best.

Elbow Dysplasia

Again these are scored individually only 0/0 bitches should be used for breeding as any other score shows an injury or genetic fault.

Eye testing

DNA testing and yearly eye examinations with a qualified veterinary eye specialist such as Optivet referrals


website -

telephone - 01243 888091.


Eye tests are invaluable preventing the breeding of dogs that go blind and have hereditary cataracts. 

DNA genetic testing

All dogs should be tested for DNA genetic faults This will ensure the progeny you breed will be clear of all genetic faults such as EIC (exercise induced collapse),PRA progressive retinal atrophy ,CNM centronuclear myopathy, Dwarfism, and OSD oculo-skeletal dysplasia. You can get your bitch tested by Laboklin, who will send you a swab test kit.


Ideally you want all these results to be clear, however so that we do not reduce the gene pool too drastically. You can breed from a dog that has tested as a carrier. But if you do this you should only breed with a clear tested dog, All Sussex Sharp dogs are tested clear on all seven


Laboklin tests.

All testing should be carried out to ensure the best outlook for your puppies. Eradicating health issues, costly veterinary procedures, unnecessary suffering and heart ache for both the dog and owner. 
All SussexSharp dogs are clear on health checks

SussexSharp gundogs

Reuben Corbett - 


I have been training gundogs for the shooting field for over 25 years. My passion is competing with my dogs in retriever gundog field trails where I have had a reasonable amount of success with over 20 wins to my name, and having the good fortune of making two of the dogs up to field trail champions.


I pride myself on educating dogs without the need for any heavy handed techniques but with mutual understanding and education. In my kennels I have three dogs available for stud all with 0/0 hips and elbows and clear on all hereditary tests, one of which is a field trails champion.


It is imperative If we are to improve the health of our gundogs that we breed from healthy, tested, enthusiastic, trainable, biddable, hard hunting dogs. So please take a look at what we have to offer, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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